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Choose Luxurious Apartments Instead of Expensive Traditional Hotels

For some reason or the other, we are often required to stay away from home. However, before booking a traditional hotel for your vacation or business trip, consider the alternative – furnished apartment rental services at Rio de Janeiro. We offer all the facilities of conventional hotels, but with the comfort, space and privacy of a residential space. What’s more, you can save money on your family or business tour.

The sudden boom of inexpensive international tours and need of organizations to cut expenses on business tours have contributed to the popularity of serviced apartments. Rio de Janeiro offers these apartments for short and long-term rentals, equipped with facilities for daily use. As more and more travelers aim at luxury and affordable stays, serviced apartment accommodations have become highly popular.

The apartment booking process is just as simple as that of hotels, but deliver significantly better value. Our elegant, stylish and fully furnished accommodation, inclusive of linen, towels, cleaning services and standard amenities, typically costs 30 % less than traditional hotel rooms. Even our “economical class” suites offer 25 % (approx) more space than a standard hotel room. Plus, you have the freedom and privacy to unwind and relax – just as you would do in your own home.

Top benefits of availing apartment rental services:

  • Fully furnished kitchen with microwave, ironing board and dishwasher.
  • Weekly cleaning services with towels and luxury linen.
  • Ample living space – separate bedroom, attached bathroom and comfortable living lounges for work and play.
  • Affordable and flexible laundry services.
  • Cheaper accommodation rates than hotels.
  • No surcharges to telephonic communications.
  • Freedom to come and leave as you please.

Each of our luxurious apartments comes with modern facilities, together with a living room and a fully equipped cooking space. We always aim at ensuring your comfort and privacy; right from the moment you arrive at our place.